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Colorful Sticker Pack


Abolitionists Rising Gear Store

Colorful Sticker Pack



This pack comes with five stickers, one of each of the following:

- The Body Inside Your Body Is Not Your Body

 Refute the incredibly illogical pro-abort slogan: "My Body My Choice" with this conversation-creating abolitionist sticker.  This sticker measures 4.5" x 3.73"

- Hate Evil Love Good (Amos 5)

Obey God: Hate Evil, Love Good! Use this sticker to create conversations about the evil in our culture, and bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ into conflict with sin everywhere. This sticker measures: 4" x 5.22"

- AHA Symbol - Small Transfer Sticker

The AHA symbol represents a set of theological propositions:  the five tenets of abolitionism. While the symbol is an acronym for the phrase: Abolish Human Abortion, there is even more meaning to it.

The first "A," which stands for "Abolish" represents higher law or higher principles and is right-side-up. The second "A," which stands for "Abortion" is upside down because it is wrong. The "H" stands for "Human," but also stands for the first "A" (higher law) abrogating the lower "A" (man's law).

The "H" is also made up of two lines, each of which is an "I." These two I's stand for the two theological propositions that will destroy abortion: the Image of God in man which is what makes abortion wrong, and the Incarnation of Christ who is the driving force in the Abolitionist Movement. This video is a detailed explanation of this symbol of the Abolitionist Movement.
This sticker measures: 2.44″ × 3.″

- Women Are Not Objects, Babies Are Not Body Parts Sticker
At first glance, one reads the "Women are Not Objects" line and the culture at large will claim to agree with that message.
But reading further, the casual observer is intrigued by the "Babies are not Body Parts" statement and often asks what your message means.

R@pe and abortion are wrong for the same reasons: You can not use your body to harm another image-bearer of God. This sticker measures 4.5" X 3".

- Abortion Is Murder Activist Clear Sticker
Abortion is murder. It really is this simple. It is not healthcare, not manslaughter, but murder. Use this sticker to bring the truth into conflict with the world's suppression of the truth. 

This sticker measures: 4″ × 4.65″

Our stickers are made of high-quality, durable vinyl, and are great for indoor and outdoor use.